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Hello, I would like to welcome you to Boom Lake please feel free to visit my new site although still under construction you can get a feel of what our dogs are all about,
we have West German show lines as well as show/working line mix. These make all around versatile dogs with nice balance of drive, temperament and nice level heads.
My dogs are not titled,  all our breeding dogs are cleared of hip/elbow dysplasia by OVC or OFA......our German Shepherds are all sound and good ambassadors to the breed, they all come from titled parents, dogs that have been proven worthy of continuing their lineage.
All our dogs are healthy
and possess sound balanced minds, we do our best to match up the right pup to their prospective owners.
Most of our pups are placed in pet homes, though many could do well at sport, work or show, above all they are the ultimate companion and addition to your family!

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I am  a small  breeder in Northern Ontario, it is not a business but rather a passion of mine, we usually breed one sometimes two litters a year and at the most I have six dogs that live with us and share our home! Our puppies are born in the house and later are moved to a larger area with mom.  Attached to the house, this area has heated floors for winter comfort. There puppies have room to play in and outdoors.

Boom Lakes German Shepherds is a responsible breeder of German Shepherds based in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.  We produce quality German Shepherds with a focus on temperament, conformation, structural soundness, good health and excellent trainability. Our dogs make for great companions and family pets; some will even make good sport, show or working dogs. Our GSDs offer the whole package not to mention unsurpassed loyalty and devotion. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club in good standing and welcome any questions you may have about GSDs. Thanks for visiting!

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Mixbook 2016 calendar~

Mixbook 2016 calendar~