Your Purchase agreement and Health guarantee


 This agreement is to ensure that our clients understand the serious commitment they are making adopting a Boom Lake’s German Shepherds puppy. 

Your pup is going home with a health guarantee; this covers the specified health issues. 

Adopting a puppy is a serious undertaking and should not be taken lightly... please educate yourself on the breed and make sure you are able to care for your new ward!  Although covered under your health guarantee, I would like to reiterate the importance of good health, proper development and growth….if your pup is spayed or neutered for males before  18 mths and females 12 months of age; the health guarantee will become null and void! Although some vets are now doing Ovary sparing spays and vasectomies, which allows them to keep their hormones intact, then it can be done much younger. Please read the health guarantee to see why. 

Pups will not be returned for a refund after a 1 week period, unless of course there is a vet diagnosed medical issue that the breeder and owner were unaware of, if you decide you have made a mistake and aren’t ready for this commitment then your duty is to return the pup to me ASAP at your cost, being returned is very hard on a pup they bond with their new family and don't understand what happened...if the pup is kept longer than a week then any amount of refund will NOT be GIVEN! Before a week full refund besides the deposit will be reimbursed to the buyer, deposits are non refundable. The owner is not permitted to sell the pup to anyone unless approved by me, so please don’t take any of this lightly! As a responsible pet owner you must realize that your pup, no matter how well-bred will only excel as much as the training provided to him or her...this is a very intelligent breed and left to their own devices they can get into a lot of mischief that can solely be blamed on lack of training~ 

Our pups do not go to their new homes house trained, that is up to each individual buyer to be prepared to potty train their new puppy...The pups are not crate trained, in the short time (8 weeks) they are with us our pups enjoy the company of each other and their mom, this ensures that they are receiving proper socialization during these early months plus some valuable life lessons from mom. 

You have to understand how important it is to consider this a lifetime responsibility as this loyal animal is totally dependent on you and only you. 

If you can in good conscience adhere to these requests then we would be happy to place one of our very special puppies with you. 

If not then, I appreciate and thank you for your honesty! 


Puppy price may vary depending on which breeding is being offered 

Pricing starts at $2500.00 

Deposit to hold your pup is $500.00 

A Quick FYI for our clients 

Many of our owners ask if we offer board (if need be) for our pups after they leave 

Unfortunately we do not! Our dogs live in our home, not a kennel environment therefore bringing in an estranged pup or dog is not in their best interest, nor do we have room to possibly accommodate another :( 


All pups are sold on a NON-Breeding agreement, breeding your pup will nullify your health guarantee and pups born will not be eligible for registration with the Canadian Kennel Club! 

If an exception is made and pup is placed with a breeding contract the pup if female should not be bred till she has passed all health clearances and is 2 years old!! 

Deposit for your pup is $500.00 and reservations are made by order in which the deposits are received, I also reserve the right to change that order should I feel it isn't the right pup for the client depending on what they are looking ! 

Feel free to email me, you can copy & paste 


Health Guarantee for your German Shepherd 


Puppy will have received up-to-date vaccines, will be microchipped and registered with the CKC prior to being picked up by the new owners. 
Parasite control: our puppies are all checked (fecal samples) for parasites and dewormed accordingly, once you get your puppy, he or she can contract these parasites (just about anywhere where there is canine traffic) in your environment. Previous worming does not cover a new infestation and it's the buyer's responsibility to have the puppy re-examined every so often for the first few months 

When purchasing your pup as a pet, your puppy will be guaranteed for H/E dysplasia until the age of 24 months. Your CKC registration will be a non-breeding one. If this pup is purchased for breeding or show your pup is guaranteed to have both ears stand by 6 months, have both testicles descend by six months and to certify for H/E at 24 months. In the case of a pet your pup should not be spayed or neutered before one to two years of age. Hormones are vital to proper development of your male or female. If spay or neuter is done at an early age they lose these important hormones. If you are buying a pup of pet quality, warranty covering the testicles is void. This pup carries a guarantee against crippling hip or elbow dysplasia (moderate to severe). Diet, exercise and environment have been proven to directly affect the severity of this disease, therefore the buyer agrees to follow feeding and care guidelines included with this pup. Any attempt to dislocate the joint during palpation will void this H/E guarantee. In the event that crippling H/E dysplasia occurs within 2 years, the buyer will immediately notify the seller. The buyer then shall promptly provide the seller with a copy of the radiographs used for diagnosis accompanied by a letter from the attending Veterinarian which will include the following: 

1)   The full registration name of the dog 
2)   The date of the radiographs 
3)   The name of the dog’s owner 
4)   The name of the Vet and Clinic who took the radiographs 
5) The permanent ID code (microchip) of the dog and statement that the ID was verified at the time of x-rays 

The seller and his or her Veterinarian will review the x-rays; if not in agreement with the conclusion, they may submit the radiographs to the OFA  at the buyer’s expense. The opinion of the OFA  shall prevail, if the pup is diagnosed as such (crippling H/E dysplasia moderate or severe) and claim is made in accordance to this agreement, the seller will provide the buyer with a replacement dog of equal Or greater value when one comes available, refunds are not offered. The buyer does not have to surrender his dog and is free to keep it. FYI: If this dog is used for breeding before it has received hip/elbow clearance from OFA, this guarantee is null and void. Should your pup be diagnosed with any serious condition, it's up to you the purchaser to incur all vet bills should you decide to have the dog treated for long term conditions rather than return the pup to us, we will not be held responsible for any NON hereditary condition as a lot of illnesses can be caused by environmental conditions! Most breeds are genetically predisposed to certain illnesses, this does not mean that  the illness is hereditary it means their particular genetic make up makes them more susceptible to said illness! The buyer is solely responsible for shipping costs. 

Our breeding dogs are also cleared for DM, although once thought to be solely a genetic disease that could only affect the pups should the parents both be affected or carriers has changed and it can also manifest due to unknown factors, meaning parents tested thru OFA or Gensol that  are deemed DM clear, if they produce a pup with DM the breeder should not be held responsible! 
Boom Lake's German Shepherds does not provide a guarantee of temperament as we have no control over the raising and training or lack thereof